Failure that inspires!

Struggling with fake strategies?; a stirring thought, that makes me remind of how often we speak of success & it’s gateways & I mean there’s nothing wrong in doing so. The only concern lies in, ‘will these gateways serve that end?’, ‘will these fragile mantras pay off your efforts?’, ‘will these so called tips take you somewhere in life?’ No! but inherent set of qualities will & for that you need to have the passion for a vision, the dedication for an action & the creativity for productivity. It’d better be deaf to those who claimed to have shortcuts to success ’cause there aren’t any! There could never be a choice to hard work so don’t be cringed or creeped out, without fire you won’t also be expecting purity in gold, right, innit? I heard this term somewhere, catastrophic failure. The term itself displays an anomaly ’cause no failure can be so big to demean your potential! Monumental breakthroughs don’t just happen overnight perhaps there’s an endless effort & perseverance behind it. Losing on something doesn’t mean that you’re a failure, what matters most is that you haven’t stopped trying your best & that should suffice. Just stop being fretted about, pluck up the courage, open your arms, take on a challenge & claim your success!

Tejas L Bramhecha
Copyright © 2016


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  1. Kunal Jain says:

    Gud article tejas!

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