You; The Noblest Creation of Creator!

While unraveling the mystery of creator, I myself get baffled when I think of a reason behind my existence. It’s just inexplicable that for what cause had I been born & does creator think that I can be the one among millions who can accomplish his task? & if yes, who is ‘He’? Spurred by the amusing facts, it grapples the existential question of the creator, which might not be so important; he may or may not exist yet the staunch reality is we are the noblest creation of him! Not only me but we all are gifted with an incredible possession so called life. Our intuition in finding out answers to these questions might fail since this is where our thinking seize. Despite such a great chance, we often fail to celebrate life and rather choose to walk on the path of grief. I mean what more do we require to relish a life at its best? You are supposed to understand the essence of it and you will see how fortunate we humans are. Life is really having those miraculous wings which will make you fly but first there’s need for you to be happy and thankful for what we are!

Tejas L Bramhecha
Copyright © 2016


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  1. Patricia says:

    Your post, You, The Noblest Creation, created so many thoughts in my head. It is a good reminder to stop, think, and thank the Creator and all of life. Too often we get boggled down and forget to say thanks. So, Thank you.

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  2. This is absolutely true! Great article👍

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    1. Your most welcome…
      Muskaan 😊

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  3. kerbey says:

    My Creator loves me, and my brain is too small to ever comprehend it. 🙂

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  4. th3platform says:

    We are the crown jewel of the Almighty’s creation! Amen. Check out my page for my current and upcoming theological and political posts. Follow for follow.

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  5. Wow! this one is the feather on your cap.

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