“…on the brink of laurels!”

Fear has always decapitated success & got you dwindled down to regression. What makes you a better contender is when you strangle the fret inside you & augment the real solidity that fosters you. To be at the zenith of success, you need to have an insatiable desire & not the tremor of hesitation. Failure & success are the part of life, they come & they go but what continues being with us is the values that we hold & the vision that we share. There are times when you sit worrying about ‘now, what’s next?’ & everything turns out to be fine when you start seeking out chances rather than just being dismayed by situations. There’s great potential to you; the power that will make you indomitable in this world perhaps you better know this now because if you do not, trepidation set off in you will soon leave you reeling from failure!

Author:- Tejas Bramhecha.
Copyright © 2016

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  1. Lovely post! I loved this, it really motivtates me.

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    1. FactLeo says:

      Like the way of writing..god bless u WordKindle…Happy new year

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      1. Happy New Year to you too! 😊😊

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  2. good choice of diction. is lovely

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  3. Like your post, and im learning… 😀

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  4. this is great…to me, fear is an opening to success…i believe that our fear is our greatest strength..we just have to get past the fear and u will see a whole new world…

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  5. That was so true bt the irony is inspite of knowing everything we tend to draw ourselves every time in the puddle of regression until the inner conscience knocks to spell the word the acceptance!

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