Cradle of Storms

“You’ll never be able to understand what a success is”, father told me that night & I was so mad at him but then I realized that it was not failure that I was afraid of, it was what people had to say! I was reluctant to believe that the path I chose would bring me a hefty win. “There’s a difference between asking to follow a passion & actually doing it”, I said & the talk turned into a disputable debate. Point being, this happens with all of us & we don’t take pride in saying that we’re not in the sway of following a crowd. Why? is it because we have dampened our zeal; the passion to our goals? or do we want to confine them within walls of our doubt? See, bringing our dreams to life isn’t way too hard, it’s just that some of us are fiercely committed & some of us aren’t! Conceivably, the success we’re talking about is not fortune based & if this was so, Abraham Lincoln would have never been elected as the President of USA or Alexander The Great, would have settled upon win of one or two countries, right? but they never stopped continuing & had their glory. Learn, not to yield but to endure. Want to walk past your goals? fine! but bear in mind, history honours to those who’ve an art to hold on rather to abandon! There will be people who will continue to rage on you & belittle you, who will oppose you & put you down, who will make fun of you or criticize you yet we don’t have to convince anybody or make them believe in us. All that I know is you have a vision & that is enough. Daunting obstacles will cross your way & it will surely but the question here is are you gonna stop, cry & look back to what’s happened or will move on to what’s to be achieved? It’s been said that there is price to be paid for everything so now I guess, its your call to pitch on what’s to be paid & for what.

Author: Tejas Bramhecha.
Copyright © 2016

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  1. Sweta says:

    Nice thought!!!!

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  2. wordlymattersblog says:

    There couldn’t have been a better time to have read this. “Learn, not to yield but to endure.” Such amazing advice. Thank you!

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    1. wordlymattersblog says:

      Of course! 😉

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  3. tday60 says:


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  4. Wow! This is an amazing post! I loved it! So much to consider and with great wisdom and challenges. Thanks so much for following my blog. I am very excited to follow yours as well!


  5. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Please come and read this great post on following your passion!!

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    1. Will do. You are so welcome.

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  6. Mr. Militant Negro says:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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  7. jerennazuto says:

    Very inspiring! Wonderful to read!

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