Shattered Dreams…

“You know, he has failed me, all those dreams & all those expectations are shattered now”, I heard father saying this to mommy & I broke into tears. Till then father & me were not on good terms because you know, the fight between right & wrong is never-ending. I had my own definition of success & he had his own. Although now, dad feels more proud of me, I presume, it was that fight which fostered me to put more convincing argument in front of him. You see, we had indifference of opinions & still, our destination was same. Father wanted me to be successful & I didn’t want to let him down! You eat either way by hand or by spoon but see if its actually going into the stomach. This is exactly what I feel when I see people, cursing situations & saying that there were no choices. I mean c’mon man! you need to accept this that, there will be voices that will tell you not to stand by your choice, there will be people who will ask you to drop your idea or guide you to the way where you may not want to go but at the end, it’s all you & your choice.

Let me tell you that I have found a bug inside us. All that we Humans want is to be untroubled; easier way to go with! The irony of failure is it keeps bestowing struggle on our way while bringing us the creed of motivation even when everything is falling apart. The more I fail, the more I’m impelled to attain the heights. You can not win when you’re unwilling to run. By simply saying no to handwork & yes to shortcuts, no-one could yet ascend to success. Remember, even the tricks in mathematics has its own limitations. There’s no bypass to success. I see nothing wrong in dreaming to be elite but to serve the purpose, you need to fortify yourself. I realize, that it might be a daunting task but don’t forget, failure is the only measure of success! : )

Author: Tejas Bramhecha
Copyright © 2016


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  1. Novus Lectio says:

    Hello welcome back, long time no see.
    Awesome post …..!
    Thanks man

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  2. koddasee89 says:

    Awesome post😊

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  3. afsheenanjum says:

    Hey there,
    I just read your post.It’s good and motivational, so many of us can relate our-self with this.
    Keep writing.
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones, ameen

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  4. I can relate this with me.. ☺️☺️♥️♥️

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  5. gihonreader says:


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  6. so relatable and motivating

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