Stunning You

What the f**k!, I screamed loudly this morning & woke up at 5 AM. It was a bad dream, I suppose. I hurriedly dialed a number & called Ashima, just to ask if everything was okay. She laughed at me & suddenly her voice trailed off as she realized that it was a year & we didn’t talk to each other. We were on bad terms but then what I strongly realized is if I wouldn’t have believed in that dream, I wouldn’t have called her & I would have lost a friend, probably a friendship that is close to my heart. Few days & we were good again. I think calling her again was enough to prove that I cared for her. This reminds me a great deal of my mother who once told me, “Tejas, life won’t bring fortune for you every time, sometimes you may lose someone you love to death, sometimes you may not make it through exams, sometimes not everything you wish to have will fall in place but saying that I don’t give it a shit won’t bring everything back. What harm would it cause if you happened to put your ego aside & try it again? won’t it revive your relations? won’t it succour you in times of adversities? It surely will. It’s just that you’re away from your belief & not from your goals.” Suffice to say, I’m not sure how would this fall out but I hold on to this every time I’m edging towards a new take on life. 

Well, let me ask you something now, this isn’t scary one but what if you’ve been trailed over a path where you can neither change your past nor can envision for tomorrow? What will you do? Will you quit or will you fight? Life; four words that are simple enough to understand but quite difficult to tackle implications that it has royally screwed up. Problems might seem far more intractable as sometimes they will but it will never be impossible to find a solution & even if there isn’t any, throwing yourself into darkness would certainly be not a worthiest choice. Is it a fear of failure or a fret of being declined? cause I’m afraid if you’ve been so cruel to end what you’ve started then you’ve never learned to impede your failures. I realize, that inner suffering isn’t because you doubt your abilities, it’s because you’re frightened what if I plummeted down? You’d surely be a victim of failure if you haven’t sighted a hope to be successful again. Every failure brings an opportunity to start from a new line just don’t let any fear or frustration take that away from you. Move your eyes around & you will find yourself lucky enough to have all that what most of us are still deprived off! 

Author: Tejas Bramhecha
Copyright © 2016


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  1. OneHundredandOnePursuits says:

    You write so elegantly! What beautiful advice from your mother 🙂 I only hope my children will have such memories! X

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  2. Lovely piece. I so much enjoyed reading. Sound advice indeed!

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  3. Oh! the mother’s advice is an absolute treasure.
    I loved the way you write.

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