Pinning down imperial shades of life!


Are we too rash & unguided in the quest of hunting down happiness that flourishes our lives? It’s enigmatic if you have never savored a moment in your life. Great fun & joyous moments aren’t things to be postponed for future rather to be lived in present with complete enthusiasm. People spend their entire lives worrying about and securing their future and lose melodies today! I wonder, will investing in your present and living it, not ensure you a healthy tomorrow? What makes life more compelling is when you never try to venture out, take healthy risks. Confronted with a problem, must you solve it instead of regretting & asserting that how life would have been if I would have done this. Let bygones be bygones. None of us have imagined that life would be so difficult, in fact, it isn’t, despite huge gulf; there’s always a way to rekindle…

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