Miracle Wings

A close friend of mine had written a poem for my debut book, Miracle Wings & I didn’t want all my readers to miss out on the chance & pleasure of reading it. So here it is. But before you move ahead, just a small epilogue of what Miracle Wings is – Miracle Wings is a blend of delineated imagination & many stimulating ordeals that one can find extremely formidable to live in. It’s more about how life takes unexpected turns & why it becomes just inexplicable to turn on your voices against the oddity that you see around yourself. The inner workings of mind show the limitless & endearing story of how you can survive through a dreadful breakdown. The tenacity in work here reflects & subtly highlights the real-life experiences that refuse to be a part of the failure.

Tiny miracles of hope,
extraordinary blessings,
smallest dream,
how great is the time
to start the pitter-pat
of your clock,
how great is the shock,
when you are gone,
how rare is the grief,
the roar of pain,
& when with luck,
to be blessed again,
to have, to hold,
to give, to share,
to dare,
the rocks, the waves again,
to swim until
you can no more,
to cry out in the dark,
with belonging bigger than the sky,
whisper softly,
bring it near,
hope the gentler,
spirits hear,
a long wait, dark night,
never dare to breathe,
until tiny fingers,
pluck your sleeve,
& touch your heart,
with gold,
It’s never too late,
too dark, to have a child
to hold,
a miracle of life,
a precious moment of them all,
aching whispers,
anguished call,
until at long last here,
& then to hold you
in my arms,
ever loved,
instantly ours
beloved wings,
oh so dear.

Copyright © 2018